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Lulu's Story

Lovely Lulubone.pngwas rescued after being left in a backyard as a newborn with my brothers and sisters.We had neither food nor water. It was very dark and cold so we all slept on top of each other to stay warm. We were finally rescued by a nonā€kill shelter and over night our lives changed. We had lots of food, water, heat, love and kisses. After I was spayed and about three months old, I was adopted by a loving New York family.

My new home was great. Lots of room to run around, new toys, good food and I were even allowed to sleep on my dad’s bed. That’s until I had my first accident than I had to wait until I was trained to make on paper and not sheets. I was so cute, gave lots of kisses and tried to listen and stay out of trouble. How lucky can a puppy get?

But sometimes my curiosity got me in real trouble. I had a fascination with my Dad’s leather and very expensive shoes. I actually liked the left one more than the right. Or my sister’s very expensive bags. Paper I loved to shred and bring all over the apartment. Sometimes I would hide socks and other things. Boy than my kisses no longer helped me. I knew I was being bad, so when Dad sternly called my name I would hide under the bed until my Dad stopped trying to get me. It became a game for me, but once I turned one year old, it was no longer fun. I grew up over night.

I love to play. I have endless energy and I love my doggy friends and our play dates. I am very social. We all meet at the park daily. If the weather is bad we go to each other’s homes. Some of my friends are my size about 20LBS, but I have friends that are all sizes and shapes. In fact my new best friend is 45lbs and last night we had our first sleep over date.

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